So, it begins…

Hello, good day, bonjour, good afternoon & good evening – to one and all.

I hope this finds you all well, enjoying a sweet day with even a little time set aside for reading.

As a lifelong avid reader and a student of theatre and lover of all things Shakespeare, I have to say that sharing these passions is the icing on the cake.

I am hoping to use this space to review books – of all sorts – to explore theatre and art  and to just enjoy and share that which fills so much of the world with joy and beauty.

So it begins…so it goes…

a beggar’s book outworths a noble’s blood (H8 1.1)

me poor man, my library was dukedom large enough (Temp 1.2)

 I have unclasped to thee the book even of my secret soul (12N 1.4)

 I’ll note you in my book of memory (H6, part 1, 2.4)


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